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    RifleBlok™ 556 universally fits into any rifle chambered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO. Each RifleBlok™ 5.56 comes with one (1) RifleBlok™, three (3) MagBlok™ 556 magazine inserts*, and an instruction booklet. Your firearm does NOT have to be disassembled to use RifleBlok™. Simply insert RifleBlok™ to train, and remove it to return your firearm to its ready state. RifleBlok™ is SAFE, REALISTIC, TRAINING!

    BarrelBlok™  Benefits:


    RifleBlok™ was engineered to bring the same level of simplicity and training realism to rifles and carbines. Training with a rifle presents its own unique challenges and RifleBlok™ is designed to realistically duplicate each function of a rifle in a safe, realistic manner. There are several features that have been built into the RifleBlok™ 556 that make it the safest, most realistic training tool on the market for rifles chambered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO.

    1. Safe and Simple- Starting with safety, RifleBlok™ inserts through the open ejection port and into the barrel and chamber, effectively "blocking the barrel" and preventing a live cartridge from being chambered. You DO NOT have to disassemble your rifle to use RifleBlok™. NOTE- Depending on the rifling in the bore, if you meet any resistance when inserting RifleBlok™ 556, twist it in the same direction as the rifling to insert.  

    2.) Visual Indicator- The easy-to-see tip protrudes from the muzzle allowing everyone to see that the rifle is safe. This tip can be trimmed to the desired length. BarrelBlok™ recommends trimming the RifleBlok™ to about 4 inches. RifleBlok™ fits barrels lengths up to 21".

    3.) Strike Face- The  The back of the RifleBlok™ features a Strike Face for the firing pin to contact when conducting dry-fire training drills. The firing pin in an AR-platform is free floating and the Strike face prevents excessive movement of the firing pin during exercises without harming it. 

    4.) Out-of-Battery Indicator- The back of the RifleBlok™ features an Extractor Ramp that will safely engage the extractor and prevent the firearm from going into battery if the rifle is not fully charged. This helps the user to fully pull the charging handle all the way back and release it. It also helps the use to set up scenarios where they can train by using the Forward Assist on the rifle.  

    5.) Curved Neck- The curved neck aids in the easy insertion and removal of RifleBlok™ from your rifle.

    6.) MagBlok™ 556- The MagBlok™ 556 will be released in mid-December 2016, at which time it will become a standard part of the RifleBlok™ 556 product line! All RifleBlok™ 556 products will come with three (3) MagBlok™ 556 devices that trick the rifle into thinking it has a loaded magazine. This prevents the bolt from locking to the rear when training with an empty magazine in the rifle. Now any type of training scenario or malfunction drill can set up and duplicated exactly like they would happen in the real world.


    BarrelBlok™ was designed from the beginning to be simple and fast, otherwise students and instructors would not use it. In the simplest of terms, insert BarrelBlok™ to use it, and remove it to return your firearm to its operational state. No disassembly. No tools. No fuss! The following instructions are for inserting a BarrelBlok™ into a pistol, regardless of make, model or caliber. NOTE- PLEASE SEE WARNING AND CAUTION STATEMENTS BELOW. Use extreme caution and always practice the Four Cardinal Rules of Firearms Safety ANYTIME you are handling a firearm in ANY manner!​


    Step 1:  Your firearm MUST be UNLOADED. With your firearm pointed in a safe direction and your finger(s) off the trigger, release the magazine and clear the chamber. Visually and physically inspect your firearm to ensure that it is safe.

    Step 2: With the slide locked to the rear, insert BarrelBlok™ through the open ejection port and into the chamber as shown to the left. If the insertion angle causes the BarrelBlok™ tip to catch on the inside edge of the chamber, remove it and bend the tip upwards a little and reinsert.  

    Step 3: Carefully push the BarrelBlok™ as far into the chamber as possible with your finger. The tip will protrude from the muzzle. Make sure the back of the BarrelBlok™ in resting inside the chamber as shown to the left.

    Step 4: Release the slide as you would when charging the firearm with full spring compression. The slide should be allowed to slam forward and into battery. After being released, pull the slide back to make sure the BarrelBlok™ is seated in the chamber as shown to the left.

    Step 5: Count the number of desired increments you want to trim the BarrelBlok™ to. We recommend having at least 1/2" to 1" extending from the muzzle. Each marked increment on the tip is 1/2". Remove BarrelBlok™ and trim to size with a knife or snips. (See CAUTION below).

    Step 6: Reinsert the BarrelBlok™ into your firearm using the above instructions. Confirm the tip is trimmed to the desired length. Insert an empty magazine and begin training.

    REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: Remove magazine and lock the slide to the rear. With muzzle pointed up, sharply tap BarrelBlok™ so that it pops out into the ejection port. Grasp BarrelBlok™ and remove from the firearm.


    WARNING- Firearms training is inherently DANGEROUS. Users of BarrelBlok™ are responsible for the proper use of this product and assume all risks and liabilities associated with its use. BarrelBlok™ and Blok Safety Systems LLC are not responsible for unsafe, unintended or negligent use of this product.

    WARNING-Follow instructions above or those enclosed with your BarrelBlok™ for proper insertion and use of this product. Treat ALL firearms at ALL times as if they are loaded. When inserting, removing or training with BarrelBlok™, keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction at ALL times. 

    WARNING- DO NOT use or insert a BarrelBlok™ that is NOT the same caliber as your firearm! Use ONLY the same caliber BarrelBlok™ as the firearm you are inserting it into. Not using the correct size BarrelBlok™ for your firearm is DANGEROUS! 

    ​CAUTION- Measure twice and cut once! BarrelBloks™ that are cut incorrectly CANNOT be returned!

    WARNING- The composite material that BarrelBlok™ is made from is sensitive to high heat. DO NOT insert a BarrelBlok™ into a firearm that has NOT completely cooled down after live-fire. Wait for the barrel to cool completely BEFORE reinserting the BarrelBlok™.

    CAUTION- When using or training with BarrelBlok™, exercise caution to ensure that the tip does not cause injury to eyes, face or any part of the body.

    The BarrelBlok™ Story:

    BarrelBlok™ was originally developed for use exclusively with the D.R.A.W. School Firearms Training program for law enforcement and military. Elite tactical teams and officers wanted a training tool that would allow them to train with the full operational weight of their firearm with absolute confidence that it was safe. While this request was in contrast to traditional firearms training rules, these teams and individuals wanted the ability to replicate every aspect of real-world situations in training, including the full weight of an operational firearm. With "out-of-the-box" forward-thinking,  several key development criteria were established that had to be met in the final product. 

    These criteria included:

    • The device MUST prevent a round from being chambered when inserted.
    • The device MUST visually confirm that the firearm is safe.
    • The device MUST maintain mechanical functionality.
    • The device MUST maintain operational weight and balance of firearm.
    • The device MUST serve a clearance indicator for holsters and tactical training.
    • The device MUST be universal and adaptable to most firearm platforms.
    • The device MUST not require dis-assembly of the firearm to use.
    After eleven months of careful development, multiple designs and prototypes, lots of testing and feedback from officers and tactical team members, BarrelBlok™ represents the simplest way for professionals to safely train in any environment without having to alter their firearm from its true operational state. In seconds, a firearm can be converted into a safe training platform. 

    When training is completed, the firearm can be returned to duty-ready state in just a few seconds. This allows training to take place anytime, anywhere.
    BarrelBlok™ has changed the way firearms training is conducted. Instructors are able to see that the firearm is safe, providing the ability to observe their students from a "first person" perspective and other forward angles. This allows instructors to help students make minute changes that can have a tremendous impact on the proper execution of tactics. For students, the ability to train without inadvertent training scars being unconsciously learned means that performance in critical situations will mirror peak performance learned during training.

    There is a paradox that has always existed in firearms training- safety versus realism. Because firearms training is inherently dangerous, taking steps to make sure that the firearm and the training environment are safe is always the primary concern. However, when the firearm is made "safe" for training, the ability to train with the weapons platform in an operational state is then sacrificed. The term "operational weight" refers to the full weight and set-up of the firearm as it would be carried in a "duty-ready" state; "locked and loaded" as it were. In most cases, when a firearm is made safe for training, the weight and balance of the firearm changes, in some cases quite drastically. When an individual trains with a firearm that is physically different from the way they carry their firearm in a "duty-ready" state, training scars are inadvertently introduced during training. These training scars can negatively impact how the individual would perform in a real-world situation. Over the last 10 years, elite tactical teams and forward-thinking training organizations throughout the country have led the push to replicate and increase the realism of training by not altering the operational weight of the weapons platform being used. The question then shifts back to how do you train in a realistic manner while still maintaining safety?   

    It is the paradox above, in part, that led to the development of BarrelBlok™. The primary concern during the development of BarrelBlok™ was to make sure that the firearm was made safe by not allowing the introduction of a round into the chamber. At the same time, to maintain the operational weight and dynamics of the firearm, BarrelBlok™ had to be lightweight and durable. BarrelBlok™ achieves both of these criteria in a way that has changed how training can be conducted. Not only is the firearm incapable of chambering a round, BarrelBlok™ also serves as visual indicator that the firearm is safe for training.​

    Now that the firearm is safe, training can be made more realistic. Because the firearm does not have to be altered from its operational state, any training that takes place fully replicates how the weight and balance of the firearm will be in a real-world scenario. This allows the firearm to be used in a dry-fire or repetitious manner for any kind of training. For pistol models of the BarrelBlok™, the visual safety indicator that extends from the muzzle also serves as a clearance indicator to ensure the proper draw height from the holster. Rifle models of the BarrelBlok™, the safety indicator also serves a clearance indicator for working around obstacles and other tactical team members.  Whether you are a civilian who wants to practice clearing your house, or a tactical team performing active shooter or force-on-force training, nothing provides the level of safety and realism that BarrelBlok™ does!

    While there are many great training aids on the market, NOTHING can replace or compares to training with YOUR actual firearm...PERIOD! Plastic guns, laser pistols, inert training barrels and other products certainly have their merit. However, many times the cost associated with purchasing such products makes them extremely cost prohibitive. Or the use of some of these products require disassemble of the firearm to be installed. In addition, these products cannot replicate the weight, feel, actually trigger pull and balance of YOUR firearm in the manner you carry it. This means the use of such products will build training scars into your performance that will certainly be duplicated in a real world situation. Remember, what you do in training is what you will do on the street. If you are not using YOUR firearm when training, your ability to perform to the same level with your firearm in an actual encounter can suffer greatly. BarrelBlok™ is the easiest, safest way to train with YOUR firearm anytime, anywhere!