Brief Overview

Advanced Holster specializes in the fabrication of gun holsters, mag carriers, knife and tomahawk sheaths, and other high-quality products needed to hold your equipment.
Since 2011, customers have entrusted their lives to our gear; sacrificing quality and dependability is not an option. 

Our products have been carried by special operators into battle, police on duty, and responsible civilians exercising their right to bear arms. 

Down range or at home, we can provide you with a variety of professional products that will exceed your expectations and help you complete the mission.

Our Story

I moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina in September of 2009 to start work as an engineer for a defense contractor. I had the opportunity to become a part of a team comprised of military, engineering, and manufacturing professionals from all walks of life. We combined our individual knowledge and skills to design, build, test, and deliver some very unique and custom products that would ultimately end up on the battlefield with America’s warfighters.

During my time with the company, one of the most important parts of the product development process was understanding the customer and what they needed to complete the mission.

No matter how big or small the project, our customers always emphasized three requirements:

  1. Functionality - The product must work as advertised.
  2. Simplicity - The product must be simple to use.
  3. Reliability - The product must work every time.

We kept these principles at the center of our designs and created products that would not only exceed the customer’s expectations, but also survive on the rigors of combat. I took these principles to heart and made it a point to carry them over into everything I did.


In early 2011, I needed a holster that would allow me to carry my FNP-45. At the time, there were not a lot of holster options out for this particular pistol and there were almost none for a left-handed shooter. I spent a lot of time searching locally and online but couldn’t find anything that worked. A guy I worked with suggested that I make my own holster from this plastic called “kydex”. After doing some more internet searching and ordering the tools and materials, I made my first holster and it actually worked!

As I continued to practice making holsters, friends and co-workers took notice of my work and became my first customers followed by many awesome people I met at the local gun shops and shooting ranges. 

At the time we were located near Ft. Bragg, so it wasn’t long before many of the local soldiers had heard about the work I did and were requesting custom gear for their upcoming deployments. Soldiers wanted custom holsters, knife sheaths, tomahawk sheaths, mag carriers, flashlight holders, and just about anything else that could be made to hold gear and fit onto their plate carriers and battle belts. This quickly became one of the best, and most rewarding parts of my business. Not only was I making products for soldiers, but my designs were being tested and validated in combat. This remains as an important distinction between my products and a lot of other stuff you see on the market today.

We apply the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ALL of our products whether they are used on the battlefield, on police duty, for personal defense, or for competition. 

Functionality, simplicity, and reliability remain as key principles with any product that we make.