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    Molly Stix are a quick-attach, quick-release accessory for your PALS compatible items. Use them to attach pouches, pockets, holsters and other items onto your PALS compatible equipment.

    Molly Stix are made from durable Acetal copolymer, which is the same material used for most non-metallic Mil-Spec hardware. This makes them very rigid and durable as well as moisture and chemical-resistant.

    To connect your gear, weave Molly Stix through the PALS webbing on both pieces of gear and flip the locking tab closed to secure the items together. If you wish to move or reconfigure your items, a quick flip of the locking tab will allow the user to remove the Molly Stix in order to re-position their gear.

    Two or more Molly Stix can be linked together with the supplied lanyard or user-supplied paracord to allow them to be released at the same time.


    • Color: Coyote Brown or Black
    • Length: 5″ (each)
    • Weight: 1.5 oz. (pair)
    • Made from Acetal Copolymer
    • Comes with Lanyard
    • Made in the USA (Berry Compliant)